The saffron Tour

Discovering saffron in San Gimignano

The secrets of saffron production

The agriturismo also produces extremely pure saffron that has been cultivated in San Gimignano since 1100. The owner Roberto Fanciullini (a professional agriculture businessman) will lead you in the discovery of Crocus Sativus L. which is the Latin name for saffron, its history, the various legends, how important this beautiful flower was for the economy of San Gimignano in the Middle Ages, the cultivation technique, and answers all your questions.

The saffron is an Autumn crocus, and its splendid lilac flowers can only be seen starting from mid-October for about 20 days. However, while sitting comfortably and drinking our San Gimignano Vernaccia, anytime you want you can see a DVD that shows all the processing phases for producing Crocus, from harvesting to packaging.

Later, in our restaurant called "Zafferano” (Saffron), the Chef Saverio Fanciullini will turn the saffron into excellent dishes, which can be tasted during a lunch / complete dinner, from appetizers to desserts.

Tour price

45 /person
  • Lunch / dinner included
  • Hours to be agreed